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DevOps Services

Underpinning all of our work at Mentor List Cloud is a strong DevOps culture and tooling. By using a set of practices we work to automate processes and integrate between software development and IT teams. This allows for rapid and deterministic build, test and deployment cycles.

We are AWS specialists so are able to leverage the best of industry DevOps tooling including:

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

A reliable and capable CI/CD pipeline is a fundamental best practice for the successful delivery and maintenance of any software product. It allows developers to confidently deliver code into the main core of the project and have it tested by automation services and deployed continuously.

Test Automation

As part of the CI and CD pipeline, automated tests are developed to ensure reliability of the systems as they are developed and maintained. Both our development and QA teams are responsible for writing and maintaining automated tests that provide extensive coverage of both back end and user facing systems and are run as part of every code change.

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