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Cloud Migration Services

Many organisations have existing systems running on owned and operated infrastructure. As the public cloud has become more sophisticated, secure, flexible and cost-efficient, the number of use-cases where owned and operated private cloud infrastructure is a requirement has vastly reduced.

Migrating to the cloud has a number of key advantages for organisations:

Reduced Costs

The public cloud providers have enormous scale and expertise so are able to secure, maintain and provide compute and storage at a fraction of the cost.


By outsourcing the cloud infrastructure, you can focus on building the unique solutions the organisation needs rather than operational and IT management. During the migration process, we leverage strategies such as serverless, microservices architecture, and containerisation to


If an organisation owns their own cloud hardware and infrastructure, they must necessarily maintain enough capacity to handle the maximum load at any point in time. In reality the majority of the time that capacity is underutilised and therefore wasted. Public cloud providers allow scaling to be fully automated via services such as AWS Auto Scaling.

Other benefits include increased security, better compliance and reduced unplanned downtime.

We leverage AWS technologies to provide cloud migration solutions and employ a number of different approaches when performing a migration including rehosting, replatforming and other strategies.

Service areas include:

  • Migration planning and strategy
  • On-premise migrations and replatforming
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Backup and recovery planning
  • Database migration
  • Data security and compliance
  • Retiring of legacy systems
  • Containerisation services

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